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What characterizes us

We provide advice to Entrepreneurs, supporting them in managing and overcoming their problems but also in exploiting the most advantageous opportunities.


We encourage the development of marketing strategies, organization processes, technology and information operations, digital transformation and mergers and acquisitions, in all sectors and geographical areas.

We encourage collective growth

We support, defend and represent the Italian entrepreneurship


Our strengths 

These are the prerogatives that distinguish an association like Assoimprenditori, capable of demonstrating proximity but above all concreteness in every type of service it offers.


Passionate people

To understand the difficulties of an Entrepreneur is not enough to be a technician, you must first be a person aware of the word entrepreneurship


Strategic experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create business value

Lasting Results

Successful experiences resulting from a careful management of each process, both of consulting and of support and development of those who rely on us


Assimprenditori Who Are We??


We are a group of Entrepreneurs who know what it means to start from the bottom and build, to fall and get back up, and who care about the dignity of the "massacred" class of those who do business, of freelancers, and of this country.


We founded Assimprenditori to help and support men and women who do business, despite the jungle of Italian bureaucracy. Our logo is represented by a Phoenix, because all of us, from the smallest to the largest entrepreneur, have the right to a rebirth.

Giuseppe Samà - Entrepreneur


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